Our services at your complete disposition

At your disposal

For all information you need about the island and the complex. We speak Spanish, English, German.


Close (approx. 500 m from the complex).


Nearby: “Carmen” and”Franchipani”.

Bakery service

The baker brings fresh bread to your doorstep every morning if you wish.

Our specials (free)
Your bed according to your request

There are different eiderdowns, mattresses, and pillows to choose from (to be decided locally)– for your complete comfort (free service).

Bathing togs

Pool towels and bathrobes.


You can have free access from your house (WiFi or cable) and also at our reception desk where we have computers at your disposition.


A wide selection of books, guide books and magazines.


At the reception desk you can acquire free the necessary chips to use the washing machines and driers. Iron and -board are available at your house.